Stacy Strait

This course positively impacted my role as IP at a CCRC.  Some of the information was a review while other information was new to me.  I discovered areas in our infection control and antibiotic stewardship program that require some improvement.  The assignments were helpful and I plan to use several of my assignments to update some items in our infection control program and in particular updating some of our infection policy and procedures.  I came to realize that our PPE policy and procedure needs to be more specific about who is restocking, how often, etc.

It was helpful that each week’s overview had its own objectives as well as each section that week. The weekly objectives helped to preface the content each week.  The weekly content consistently followed the objectives.

Would you recommend this course to others? I would highly recommend this course to others.  I have also completed the APIC Infection Control training course.  I found the NADONA course very helpful and I learned many new things that will help to further improve the infection control program at our CCRC.  Our infection control and antibiotic stewardship program has had much success over the past year but I am looking forward to using this course to further expand on our success.  This course was a lot of work but very valuable and time well spent.  The 15-week time frame also allowed participants to work at their own pace which I found helpful.

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