Code of Ethics

I. Professional Conduct

All employees, officers, and board members of the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care, Inc. (“NADONA/LTC”) shall engage in honest, legal, and ethical conduct in their dealings as representatives.

II. Mission

NADONA/LTC’s mission includes the development and promotion of ethical principles and practices within the Long Term Care Continuum; service to those who work in the Long Term Care Continuum; and promotion of quality of care for those individuals in the Long Term Care Continuum.

Our programs support NADONA/LTC’s mission and those who work for, or on behalf of, NADONA/LTC understand and abide by our mission and purposes.

III. Governance

NADONA/LTC’s Board of Directors is responsible for setting its mission and strategic direction and for oversight of the finances, operations, and policies.  The NADONA/LTC Board of Directors shall:

  • Assist all board members in understanding and fulfilling their governance duties for the benefit of our members;
  • Adopt a conflict of interest policy that protects our interests when it is contemplating entering into a transaction or arrangement that might benefit the private interest of an officer or director of NADONA/LTC;
  • Be responsible for the hiring, firing, and regular review of the performance of the Executive Director and determine that his/her compensation is reasonable and appropriate;
  • Direct the Executive Director and appropriate staff to provide the Board of Directors with timely and complete information so it can effectively carry out its duties;
  • Conduct business in an honest, ethical, and legal manner;
  • Conduct business, internally and externally, in a professional manner that enhances good public image and reputation;
  • Practice the principles of equal employment opportunity;
  • Require that our policies are in writing and officially adopted;
  • Seek and follow professional legal and accounting advice, where appropriate;
  • Responsibly and effectively manage our resources; and
  • Periodically review our mission and strategic direction to determine that our programs support its mission for the benefit of our members.

IV. Responsible Stewardship

NADONA/LTC manages its funds responsibly and prudently through the following:

  • It has established effective accounting systems and internal financial controls;
  • It compensates staff reasonably and appropriately;
  • It has established spending practices and policies which are reasonable and appropriate to fulfill its mission; and
  • All financial reports and tax returns are factually accurate and complete in all material respects.

V. Inclusiveness and Diversity

NADONA/LTC abides by all applicable equal employment opportunity laws and promotes inclusiveness and diversity in its hiring, promotion, retention, and board and member recruitment.

Adopted:  September 13, 2008

Updated:  September, 2013

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