Denise Abdallah

I have learned so much from the courses, reinforcing what we have been doing right, but more important are those areas where we have not been monitoring at all. I have learned how important the IP role is and how much it must coordinate with other departments (Environmental and Maintenance in particular) where nursing has been rather separated from these depts. in the past. Training and documentation of that training for all departments will be a huge undertaking as I am aware of how surveyors have increased their focus not only on following the regulation but also are you teaching your staff.

surprising.  I feel that every module built on the one before to development of a complete IPAC plan. Reviewing standards of practice in infection control, PPE, isolation, safe antibiotic use, outbreak management, the risk assessment tool, the staff observation tools all are going to be utilized in developing our comprehensive programs. I feel we have a great deal of work ahead of us in order to document all that we need to meet this regulation.

Would you recommend this course to others? We made it our expectation as the nursing leadership of our corporation that this would be completed by our QA nurses in each community prior to the regulation going into effect. As the team with the VP of nursing and the regional DONs, we are committed to each community meeting the regulation and the QA nurses to have an understanding of the expectations of the new infection prevention and control regulation. We expect and will support the QA nurses developing monitors and education plans utilizing the CDC and other resource materials provided in these courses. Utilizing the tools already identified will assure all components are being addressed.

So, the short answer is yes, we absolutely HAVE recommended this course to each QA nurse, not only that we made it a requirement not a suggestion. In addition, some of my AL directors who do not have QA nurses have expressed an interest in doing the course as well, which will make them more aware and prepared.

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