Cleo Bailey-Blagrove

Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC- 22) Mastery Program

I think this course allowed me to work more on my Critical Thinking and Communication skills. These are two very important areas that an IP needs to be strong in- in order to get the work done. I would need to be able to communicate well to others the importance of infection control and when to carry out certain tasks in order to maintain infection prevention. This is a new role for me; therefore, I know that I would face challenges learning the job at the same time as carrying out the duties required.

The course was captivating it covered a lot of material in a short period.  I was able to increase my knowledge of infection and realize that it encompasses a lot more than I thought in general.  I pay more attention to the little things that I thought didn’t matter.

Would you recommend this course to others? I would definitely recommend this course to others regardless of whether they are a practicing Infection Preventionist or not. There is so much to learn, and it expands your knowledge immensely.

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