Chris Barbieri

I believe this course has greatly impacted my role and position. Staff in all departments have been very receptive and willing to learn and comply with all the topics and areas of infection prevention that I have reviewed and implemented.  There are so many areas of this program that affect every department in my facility. I have improved the antibiotic stewardship program.

I have a better understanding of the environmental services procedures and have been involved in observing and teaching the staff in this department as well as every department in the facility. The one area that stands out is the audit I did on the terminal cleaning of a room where I use the Glow Germ to demonstrate the effectiveness of the cleaning technique that was used to clean a room. The Environmental services manager has agreed that we will do this audit periodically.

Would you recommend this course to others? Yes. I have already been telling people how informative the course is. Thank You.

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