State Presidents

State Presidents

State Chapter Presidents! Welcome to your own private area of the NADONA/LTC website!

Here we will attempt to provide you with any information you need to start up your chapter, keep it on fire and keep you each in the loop!

Please don’t hesitate to let us know what you would like to see here to assist you or improve anything that you are presently doing. We are here for you to help you be successful with your NADONA/LTC state chapter.

You have volunteered to assume a very important and responsible position in your state … that of organizing and maintaining a state chapter of NADONA/LTC. History indicates that work on a volunteer basis is done with commitment and determination. NADONA/LTC’s history indicates that this is certainly true! NADONA/LTC would not have achieved such remarkable growth without the work of volunteers such as you, behind us.

This gathering of basic forms and ideas in other areas will provide you with direction and serve as a reference for you to use as a State Chapter President and a member of the President’s Roundtable. You are invited to contact the office at anytime, should a question arise.

We again thank you for your commitment. Working together will assure continued growth!



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