Kirsten Lyons

I started as a CNA when I turned 18.  The interesting part is that I started at Coos County Nursing Hospital when I was in High School in dietary, activities then to CNA.  I then furthered my career into Associate Degree program and worked as LPN during my training.  I have worked mainly as an RN in the operating room nurse/scrubbing and circulating roles, then moved on to be Nursing room supervisor for 3/10 yrs. at WDH in Dover NH.  I returned north to marry and have a family.  During the rest of these years, I have been involved in Outpatient services, operating room, office nurse for surgeon, and for many years a school nurse.  When my children were grown, I applied at Coos County Nursing Hospital as a temp. nurse and when the Director of Nursing position came up, I then applied and started this position in February, 2017.  During my over 30 yrs. in the nursing field, I have been blessed with encountering many different ends of the spectrum.  My true calling during my early years was definitely in the Operating Room.  But in the last 3 yrs, I have grown a greater respect for Geriatric nursing and the honor and privilege of caring and directing in this field on all levels.  I look forward in growing my knowledge and look forward to becoming certified and bring more to my facility.

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