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 Objectives of CDONA™ Certification and Webinar Titles

Leadership and Management

  • Differentiate between leadership and management skills
  • Delegate, using language designed to empower staff
  • Discuss time and stress management skills, and how they may improve performance
  • List five stages of team development, and how they affect the team’s progress
  • Articulate how varied personality traits impact a person’s focus

Human Resources

  • Discuss how job descriptions and performance appraisals are meaningful tools in the effort to improve resident outcomes
  • List 3 questions that should not be asked during an employment interview
  • Explain the difference between staffing by hours-per-patient-day and acuity-based staffing
  • Identify 3 employment laws that are important in the nursing home setting

Risk Management

  • Describe a process for identifying and ranking risk in order to prioritize prevention and reduction responses
  • Explain the HHS Active Shooter Run, Hide, Fight Model
  • List three duties of a Compliance Officer
  • Discuss two government sites for use in screening employees, contractors, and vendors
  • State the primary difference between an OIG audit and an OIG investigation


  • Examine the enhancements to QAA regulations as published in the CMS July 16, 2015, Proposed Rule
  • Discuss the CMS expectations for QAPI as published in the July 16, 2015, Proposed Rule
  • Explain how to use the Fishbone Cause and Effect Diagram and the Five Whys Tool
  • Describe the PDSA Cycle and key information for each component

Strategic Planning

  • Discuss the steps to follow in creating a strategic plan
  • Define 3 key budgeting terms
  • Explain 6 cost categories used when developing a budget
  • Differentiate between traditional and zero-based budgeting practices

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