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Countdown to MDS Changes ~ Webinar September 7th @ 2pm EDT

Countdown to MDS Changes 10/1/23

Join us for a Webinar September 7, 2023 @2 pm EDT

October 1st is almost upon us, is your facility prepared for the new MDS and the changes that come with it?

MDS version 1.18.11 is not merely a simple update; it will impact reimbursement, care planning, and quality measurement.

The new version of the MDS eliminates section G from the OBRA assessment, which has ramifications on care planning, quality of care, and reimbursement, among other areas.  New items are added that include data for the new QRP Transfer of Health Information measure and SPADES.

This webinar will highlight the new MDS and provide valuable information and best practices to ensure the interdisciplinary team is prepared and ready for success!

WHEN: September 7, 2023 @2 pm EDT

TOPIC: Countdown to MDS Changes 10/1/23


Alicia Cantinieri is the VP of MDS Policy and Education at Zimmet Healthcare Care Services Group, LLC, and has been with the firm for over 13 years. Ms. Cantinieri has over 27 years of experience in long‐term care reimbursement and clinical consulting. She is an expert and speaker on the Minimum Data Set (MDS), care planning, and clinical reimbursement and compliance. She is an AAPACN Resident Assessment Coordinator‐Master Teacher (RAC‐MT). She has earned the Resident Assessment Coordinator Advanced (RAC‐CTA), QAPI Certified Professional (QCP), and Director of Nursing (DNS‐CT) certifications. Alicia earned her MBA from Louisiana State University Shreveport and her BS in Nursing from Wright State University.
1. Identify the MDS sections with changes or new items on the Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 v.1.18.11 Final Item Sets
2. Explain each MDS item and its relationship to Quality Initiatives such as the QRP Transfer of Health Information measure.
3. Discuss planning for the change in facility systems and supportive documentation requirements for the interdisciplinary team.
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